Durable and Cost-Effective

Epoxy floors can stand up to high traffic and constant use while retaining their original appearance for years. This makes them an ideal choice for busy areas in commercial buildings, including health care facilities, warehouses, department store floors and restaurants. With a wealth of available design and style choices, epoxy is suited to public spaces, parking garages, high-traffic enterprises and private homes.

Protection for Concrete Floors.

Epoxy compounds have long been used to protect concrete floor in home garages and basements. They are also an ideal way to reduce wear and tear on concrete in commercial buildings, hospitals and other areas. Durable and dependable, epoxy flooring can offer superior protection for concrete surfaces in a wide range of environments. If you need epoxy coating and concrete polishing, these solutions are typically the best way to achieve beautiful floors and easy care for concrete in our area.

Easy-care and Convenience

Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain. This makes them an outstanding choice for hospitals and health care facilities in which hygienic conditions are required for the health and safety of patients, guests and staff members. Our company can provide you with low-maintenance options for polished concrete floors that can streamline cleaning and provide you with the right look and the healthiest environment for your home, business or health care facility.

Epoxy done the right way.

Epoxy applications require several steps and careful preparation to ensure the best results. Some of the most critical steps in the process include the following:

Step 1 Cleaning And Grinding

Grind the concrete using a diamond grit blade system in order to prepare surface for refinish

Step 2 – Surface Repair

Permanently repair imperfections in the concrete

Step 3 – Applying Base-Coat

Apply the pigmented base-coat evenly

Step 4 – Applying The Vinyl Flakes

 Flakes are applied at 300% coverage. The flakes must cure into base-coat, once cured we scrape for smoothness and reclaim excess flake, and vacuum again

Step 5 – Second coat application

Apply the clear, high gloss, UV-stable, wear resistant topcoat.

Step – Final inspection

Your garage will be fully accessible after 24 hours

Epoxy Floor Installation Options

Solid Epoxy Coatings

Solid epoxy flooring options are available in polished and matte finishes to suit just about any décor or aesthetic preference.

These floor epoxy options are available in an extensive range of colors and can be customized to create the perfect solution for your epoxy flooring needs. Solid epoxy installations are ideal for garages, basements and other areas that see heavy traffic on a regular basis

Epoxy Floor Flakes

Designed to create the look of granite or other natural stone floors, floor flake installations are an affordable way to make any area look more elegant.

Choosing flake epoxy applications will allow you to make the most positive impression with your installation of patterned epoxy over polished concrete. Flake epoxy installations are great for garage and finished basements. They can deliver the attractive and appealing appearance you want at a cost you can easily afford.